Project Description

INFLATABLE SAFETY BUOY WITH FLAG for Open Water Swimmers and Triathlete


This swim safety buoy of dry bag style is high-visible and it’s workable with a large capacity for storage. When you’re swimming in open water for training, the large capacity swim buoy will be easier to be seen for your safety. It can also store some necessary stuffs floating on the water when you’re in the water. With a flag build-in design, this buoy bag has better visibility than others.


  • It’s with big capacity be inflatable on both sides and floating on the water will be much easier to be seen for safety
  • It’s not only a safety swim buoy but also a great dry bag for storage of personal items during Kayaking, Surfing Swimming races, etc. It keeps personal belongings dry like sunglasses, sunscreen, body glide, extra cap, etc.
  • Flag Build-in
  • Welcome to discuss adding other functions based on your requirements.